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Satern Bore Guides
Clean your AR-15 from the breech
Prevents muzzle damage
Safe and easy cleaning

6.5 Grendel/.264 LBC Bore Guide- $33.49

Solvent Port AR-15 223 Remington Bore Guide- $33.49

50 Cal Bore Guide - $33.49
300 Blackout Bore Guide- $33.49

AR 15 Flat Top Stripped- $110.00 


Big Bore Flat Top Stripped Upper w/ enlarged ejection port- $125.00 - IN STOCK NOW!! 


Satern Scope Bases- $120.00   $60.00
Our scope bases are made for the
Remington, Winchester, Tikka, and Savage.
The scope base has twenty minutes of elevation.
Black anodized aluminum

Currently out of stock of Remington short action

Thread Protectors- $20.00 (plus shipping/handling)

Available in 9/16-24 or 5/8-24

Stainless Steel or Steel Matte

Low Profile Gas Block- $54.75

Available in .875 or .936

1-1/16x28 thread pitch

Funnels- $12.25/ea      

.17 Cal          .30 Cal
.20 Cal             6mm
.22 Cal
.22 Hornet
.25 Cal             7mm
.270/6.8 Cal      8mm
8mm                9mm

Funnels- $19.45/ea

.338 Cal         .45 Cal
.35 Cal         .416 Cal
.375 Cal         .44 Cal
.40 Cal           .50 Cal
.50 Cal aka
22-30 Cal Universal
30-50 Cal Universa

AR 10 Bolt- $110.00

AR 15 223/5.56- $59.00

6.8 Bolt- $68.00

6.5 Grendel/.264 LBC/ 12.7x42mm Bolt- $68.00

7.62x39mm Bolt- $85.00

Satern Single Shot Magazine Follower- $19.99
AR-15 Polymer Delrin follower permits single loading
and positions rounds in line. Holds the bolt open after
each round.

Satern Bolt Timing Block- $34.99
M1 Garand Delrin for lightweight strength.
Quickly identifies a worn or damaged cartridge feeding

currently out of stock

BOLT CARRIERS- $165.00 (plus shipping/handling)

Now available 6.5 Grendel and 12.7x42 bolt carrier

Bolt carrier is made to U.S. Government print for materials, heat treat, and internal chroming

Bolt is 9310 as U.S Government has never issued a print (that we’re aware of) for the 6.5 Grendel

And don't forget we also have uppers, gas blocks, brakes, gas tubes, etc for sale!


Heli-Port Muzzle Brake- $79.99
Stainless Steel
available in: 1/2"-28; 5/8-24; 9/16"-24; and 49/64-20

Heli-Port Muzzle Brake -
Steel Matte
available in: 1/2"-28; 5/8"-24; 9/16"-24; and 49/64-20

Talon Flash Hider-
Stainless Steel
available in: 5/8"-24

Talon Flash Hider-
Steel Matte
available in: 1/2"-28; 5/8"-24; 9/16"-24; and 49/64-20

The Heli-Port Muzzle Brake reduces felt recoil and muzzle flip by directing gases up and to the side. This
increases muzzle control and stability. These brakes feature 30 ports which consist of 6 rows of 5, drilled in a helical pattern.

The Talon Flash Hider for the AR/LR-308 (depending on model) reduces muzzle flash by quickly dispersing the burned gases exploding from the barrel, to limit the amount of flash seen by the shooter. This particular flash hider features 4 oval ports around the body, as well as 4 super sharp prongs on the end. The prongs serve as a pain compliance device. Recommended torque is 15-20 ft-lbs.

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